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Hospitality Rocks Raises £35,500 For Industry Charities

The only Christmas party exclusively for the hospitality and events industry.

Hospitality Rocks made a triumphant return on Friday, January 12, 2024, in a stunning ‘Carnivale’ themed extravaganza, with over 2,000 enthusiastic hospitality professionals in attendance, the sold-out event took place at Smart Group’s flagship venue, Evolution London. In the face of escalating challenges confronting the hospitality sector, ranging from rail strikes to the cost-of-living crisis, staff shortages, and surging costs of produce and energy, Hospitality Rocks exceeded expectations by raising an impressive £35,500 for industry charities Springboard and Hospitality Action. This remarkable achievement underscores the resilience and collective commitment of the hospitality community to overcome obstacles and support its own.

Hospitality Rocks

Relive the night!

Revel in the unforgettable memories of an extraordinary night by exploring our galleries! Take a captivating stroll down memory lane, reliving the immersive journey through South America. Our breathtaking installations effortlessly transported you and your guests from the lively streets of Brazil to the pulsating energy of Argentina and the enchanting allure of Chile. Reminisce about the mesmerising entertainment, stunning live musical performances, thrilling dodgem rides, and a plethora of other unforgettable moments that made the night truly awe-inspiring!

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Hospitality Rocks

Fancy doing it all again in 2025?!

Hospitality Rocks will be back on Friday 10th January 2025 and will be bigger and better than ever! This coming Christmas we will be launching Off Piste, a magical Alpine wonderland set in the heart of Battersea Park. Hospitality Rocks is not just an event; it’s an immersive experience where breathtaking scenery, sumptuous food, tantalising tipples, and mesmerising entertainment come together to create pure decadence. Book your ticket today!

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